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An increasing amount of high growth companies have located to Ireland in recent years in order to scale up their operations and improve their European and international reach.
Machinery is the second highest import for Ireland with a value of $7.5 billion being imported last year alone, a total of 10% of all Ireland's imports. A key factor of this increase is the speed to world markets that Ireland offers, with direct links to European destinations.


  1. 1: Aircraft, spacecraft: US$13 billion (17.2% of total imports)
  2. 2: Machinery including computers: $7.5 billion (10%)
  3. 3: Pharmaceuticals: $6 billion (8%)
  4. 4: Organic chemicals: $5.2 billion (6.9%)
  5. 5: Electrical machinery, equipment: $5 billion (6.6%)


The UK is Ireland's leading trade partner for imports of machinery, at a value of $1.9 billion. The USA follows with $1.1 billion.


  1. 1: UK - $1.9 billion
  2. 2: USA - $1.1 billion
  3. 3: FRANCE - $156.9 million
  4. 4: GERMANY - $891.9 million
  5. 5: NETHERLANDS - $450.7 million 


71.9% of Ireland's total imports came from Europe in 2016, 16% were purchased from North America, 9.8% from Asia and the remaining 0.6% were imported from Africa. The speed to European markets is therefore crucial for Ireland.


Knights of Old Group's Ireland Express provide an express delivery service from the United Kingdom to Ireland and onward to Europe. Its dedicated Ireland, UK and Europe operations team have extensive knowledge of freight operations out of Ireland, through the UK and onward into Europe.


The service includes full loads and groupage solutions that are safe, dependable and competitive. Both services can be provided within 24/48 hour time frames.


The groups’ European logistics network includes dedicated partners across the European market, 4000 Artics, 1000 distribution vehicles and 5000+ staff. The network ensures that, when speed is critical, the Express fleet delivers goods where required, when required.

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